Hypnotherapy – Portland, Oregon

About Lisa:
My desire to empower others is what led me to become a hypnotherapist. I have a great desire to help people attain their goals, and to become healthier and happier.
My first experienced with hypnosis was for weight loss. I was surprised and delighted at how effectively hypnosis worked for me. My habits changed quickly by using hypnosis and I achieved my weight loss goal successfully. Since then, hypnosis has been instrumental in helping me reach many successes. I have a great respect for the power of the subconscious mind and the many positive results that learning to access it can bring about.  When you learn to tap into the power of your own subconscious mind, you can change your life!
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About Synergy Hypnosis:

We work hard to bring you latest, most effective, and most reliable hypnotic techniques and methods to our clients in the Portland area. You will receive the most modern and professional hypnosis in our comfortable Portland office.

Our aim is to help our clients reach their goals by successfully overcoming their battles with their weight, smoking, fears, habits, stress, sleep issues, pain (ask your doctor), and many other problems and concerns.

Your sessions will be performed by board certified hypnotherapist, Lisa Hubbard. She customizes every session to her meet client’s needs. You won’t find flashing glasses, prerecorded sessions, swinging pocket watches, or the use of other such out-of-date hypnotic methods here. Just personalized, one to one sessions.

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