Does Insurance Cover Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy?

cha-chingOften clients ask if  hypnosis and hypnotherapy are covered by insurance. Fortunately, many employers have a Flexible Spending Arrangement (also known as a flexible spending account ) set up for their employees which allows them to put money into a special account to pay for certain out of pocket health care expenses. This account allows clients to set aside pretax dollars every pay period, and is sometimes matched by their employer. The funds can be use to help offset the cost of prescription drugs and for a number of other health related expenses that aren’t covered by a typical health insurance plan.

Many clients pay out of pocket for their hypnotherapy session, but send in their receipts to be reimbursed from the Flexible Spending Arrangement. Certain plans require that you submit a letter from you employer or health care practitioner if you wish to be reimbursed from your Flexible Spending Arrangement. We recommended that you check with you doctor or employer if you are planning to be reimbursed in this manner.