Weight Loss Hypnosis

weight loss hypnosis

Does Hypnosis for Weight Loss Work?

Using hypnosis for weight loss helps you train your brain to eat like a thin person. Hypnosis can help you lessen your craving for sugar, eat smaller portions and feel satisfied, as well as cut unhealthy foods from your diet. The best part about hypnosis is that it can help you change your attitude about food at the deepest levels so you can make lasting, healthy change.

Diets Don’t Work

Think about all the diets you tried before. Did any of them work? My guess is that they didn’t or you wouldn’t be looking hhypnosis weight lossere for help. Maybe they worked for a little while, but then you gained the weight back, plus extra. The trouble with diets is that they don’t work. You can only endure cabbage soup for so long before your hunger and / or emotions take over and you quit the diet only to have the weight pile back on.

It’s Not Just About Flavor

Overeating is usually about emotions rather than about loving food. Emotions like stress, boredom, and unhappiness are often a central component of overeating and weight issues and is often connected to past events and experiences. Think about when you were a child. Were you ever offered food to soothe a skinned knee or make you feel better after a bad day at school? Were you given food as a reward for a job well done? From this, it’s not difficult to make the connection that food is a reward or medicine for what hurts. Hypnosis helps you change old habits and make new healthy connections and attitudes about food.

Sleep Quality is a Factor

Sleep problems and insomnia can also contribute to weight gain by making your body crave junk food. Sleep hypnosis can help you get a good night of rest so that your body works with you to reduce your weight.

What Now?

Hypnosis can work wonderfully well for weight loss, without dieting. If you are ready to take back control of your life, health, appearance, and happiness, hypnosis can help. If you are serious about making a change, you too can become one of the many people to achieve successful weight loss through Synergy Hypnosis. Call (503)893-9895 to schedule your appointment and learn how hypnosis for weight loss in Portland can help you reach your ideal weight.

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